COVID-19 and the global pandemic have us living in such unforeseen circumstances. In what feels like just a few moments, our entire world - and our entire way of living - has been turned upside down. We’ve had to learn to socialize in new ways, work from home, engage in virtual education...nothing looks the same anymore. 


But despite the challenges and changes this pandemic has pushed upon us, we remain resilient and continue to develop “new normals.” 


Even as we begin to ease some restrictions, we must come to terms with the hard but true reality that large events - like live music and concerts - are likely to be some of the last things to return. While this reality is hard to accept, we can still enjoy live music!


Live music is an essential part of life and a prominent feature of some of our happiest moments: birthdays, graduations, celebrations, dinners, and even just as a means of relaxing. 


It’s true - times are different now. However, these differences should not bar us from enjoying the things we love. 


Concerts From The Car, a project started by Bay Area musician Esha K., allows individuals to experience the joys of live music while keeping social distancing practices intact!


Here’s how the program works: 


Step 1: Submit an inquiry (form below) to get in touch with Esha K. 


Step 2: Once the date and logistics are worked out, just sit back and relax! Esha K. will bring her gear and will set up either in the trunk of her car or on your driveway - all while maintaining more than 6 feet of distance from any other individual. Once the setup is complete, it’s time to jam out to some tunes!


Pricing varies based on location of the gig and duration of the set. You have the option to choose between a 30-minute set, 45-minute set, or an hour set. For a more relaxed, singer-songwriter show, you can opt in for Esha singing and accompanying herself on the acoustic guitar. For a more energetic, full-band experience, Esha will perform live vocals over pre-recorded instrumental tracks. 


NOTE: 25% of all earnings from each show will be donated towards various COVID-19 relief efforts across the nation and internationally. 


If you are interested in bringing Concerts From The Car to you, please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly. 

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